Mine Rite Open Access Water Tank

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For years mining as an industry has struggled in how to deal with confined spaces, especially when it comes to water tanks. Mine Rite has provided a solution to this problem with the patented Open Access Water Tank.

The Open Access Water Tank eliminates the need for confined space requirements when working on a tank. Rather than the standard plate baffling, Mine Rite’s Open Access Water Tank is comprised of a series of removable cylindrical baffles. When a baffle or series of baffles need to be inspected the technician can simply remove the baffle and inspect it on the shop floor. If the internal structure of the tank needs inspection a technician can remove all the baffles and now has a tank that is completely open. All plumbing on the Open Access Water Tank is externally mounted, thus reinforcing the “open access” concept.

Mine Rite also has the capabilities to retrofit existing tanks to Open Access Water Tanks as part of a water tank rebuild.