Mine Rite Open Access Water Tank 

The Open Access Water Tank (OAWT) is a unique and patented design that eliminates the confined space issues that are a problem in traditional water tank designs. Rather than using plate baffling, Mine Rite uses a series of cylindrical baffles that are attached to lids; this assembly can be easily removed with an overhead crane or yard crane. Once the baffles are lifted out of the tank the entire top will be open, thus eliminating confined space restrictions. Any inspection or future maintenance needed on the inside of the tank can now easily be preformed and any inspection or future maintenance of the baffling can be done on the shop floor. 

Tank Structure

The Open Access Water Tank is unique in the fact that it utilizes structure throughout the tank for strength rather than traditional water tanks which rely simply on thickness of plate. The OAWT is stronger by design, Mine Rite is able to achieve this by utilizing tubular structure on the inside of the tank and reinforcing high crack areas (seams or joints) as well as using a rail system that runs the entire length of the floor. Areas typically considered to be prone to cracking (joints and corners) are now reinforced with tubular structure. During the creation of the OAWT Mine Rite worked closely with a 3rd party Professional Engineer, his FEA model shows that the OAWT yields minimal deflections under a full capacity load. When deflection is minimized, the tank as a whole is under less stress during operation.  


In lieu of traditional plate baffling that is customarily used in traditional water tanks, the Open Access Water Tank uses cylindrical baffles that are attached to lids. These baffles are held in place at the top using C-Channel “clamps” and are secured at the bottom of the tank by means of tabs that are set in place with bolts. The baffle lids rest on angle iron that is inset on the upper structure of the tank.  The baffles that are under the lids are staggered in the tank. This staggered configuration helps with water dispersion and prevents a tunneling effect, in essence it helps reduce the slosh in the tank by minimizing the momentum the water can create during operation. 


As a way to further emphasize the idea of “open access” all of the plumbing on the Open Access Water Tank is on the exterior of the tank. Dresser Sleeves on exterior piping is utilized for ease of disassembly if any maintenance is needed. The spray bar and gravity bar (optional) are all bolted together using flange plates, this is done as well for ease of disassembly if maintenance is to be conducted. Typically, the OAWT is outfitted with industry standard attachments such as a Berkley pump and Mega-style spray heads. However, Mine Rite will design the OAWT specific to the customers needs, this includes any attachments or any specific requests.


The Open Access Water Tank is designed for increased stability. By sloping the floor at five degrees toward the front and sloping the floor five degrees (per side) toward the center the water begins to locate itself inside of the tank. The first OAWT was a 55,000 gallon water tank to go on a Komatsu 830E chassis, this was a tank size increase from 40,000 gallons on a Caterpillar 789 chassis, feedback from operations is that the larger OAWT is just as stable and handles just as well as the smaller tanks they were running on site.